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Realise your potential

The Veterans' Employment Transition Support (VETS) programme exists to support veterans realise their potential and find the right job. The transition from military to civilian life, and translating your experience, isn’t always easy, which is why our mentors are available to support veterans throughout the process. Support is available on everything from translating military skills, refining a CV and interview preparation to general advice and guidance for your career.

VETS is completely free to join and is open to anyone eligible to work in the UK who has served in the Armed Forces, including the Reserves, regardless of rank or length of service.

Veterans’ Employment Transition Support (VETS) is always actively seeking mentors to join our community. Mentoring is critical to the success of ensuring veterans realise their potential. We are looking for mentors who feel they can, and want to, support ex-Service personnel in their journey. We encourage both those with military experience and civilians to register.

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