Before joining the VETS community, or upon returning to the platform, you may have a few questions about the website and the service we provide. We have collated a number of frequently asked questions for your reference. For guidance on specific topics such as CV writing, interview prep, mentoring relationships and more, please visit the toolkit section of the website, available from your personal dashboard.


What is VETS?

VETS is an online platform from the Veterans’ Employment Transition Support (VETS) team that brings together our community in one place and acts as a one-stop-shop. We bring together those who have served in the military, individuals who wish to help them progress their careers and businesses looking for individuals with their skill sets into one place. We focus on offering peer-to-peer mentoring options with individuals from various backgrounds to ensure individuals are getting the tailored support they may need from those who can offer insight and experience of real-life situations. We also work by bringing together businesses, charity partners and government organisations to join up the existing transition support initiatives, create space for collaboration and provide education and support that helps improve employment outcomes for veterans, employers and the UK economy.


Who can join VETS?

VETS prides itself on having a wide variety of users on the platform, from those who have just decided to leave the Military, to those who have been out for some time, businesses of all sizes and mentors from across all sectors. Service Leavers and Veterans: VETS is open to any individual who is, or has served in the Military, regardless of Rank, Service or circumstance. This includes Non-UK Armed Forces, as long as the individual will be settling and looking for employment in the UK. Mentors: Our mentors come from a variety of backgrounds including both military and civilian routes and we want to continue to build on this. We know some veterans prefer to be mentored by someone who understands their experience, however, we also know that some of our veterans prefer a civilian mentor who can help translate experience and give a different perspective. The only requirements we have of our mentors is that they are based in the UK and are ready and willing to support someone in finding the right job. Businesses: We have businesses varying from small charities to large, global corporations and everything in between. We are open to working with any business whose focus is supporting veterans either through employment opportunities, mentors, events or services. Our requirements for businesses we work with is that they do not charge our veterans for support, have a footprint in the UK (not necessarily the head office) and a point of contact that we can work with.


Why should I join VETS?

The better question might be why would I not? VETS is another avenue for you to explore that offers support, networking and opportunities. The VETS platform is set up to support you in your search for the right job, regardless of your current situation. Our focus is always on finding the right job for the individual, as opposed to just any job, and we are aware that this will look different for everyone. We work to provide a whole host of possible journey paths and will continue to expand on this including by adding more sector, employers and tools. Our team is passionate about ensuring the veteran is at the heart of everything we do and ensuring we work in a way that supports any individual regardless of Rank, Service or circumstance.


How do I join VETS?

Joining is really simple. To register as a veteran or a mentor you just need to click “JOIN NOW” at the top of your screen, click on the relevant “join as a veteran/mentor” tab and enter your name, email and create a password. You can then complete a profile, or you can come back and do this at a later point. You can share what you are looking for and anything you’d like help with to allow us to tailor suggestions to you and can begin approaching mentors, looking at events or applying for roles.


Is there a cost to join VETS?

No, VETS is a completely free service for all our members. The VETS team are committed to providing the absolute best service and opportunities to all our users without a charge.


The VETS website has changed quite a bit since I was last online, what has changed?

Glad you have noticed! We have been working away in the background to upgrade the site in a way that maintains what our users love about the original VETS platform (such as the simplicity and easy access, whilst offering vast amounts of content, opportunities and connections) but also builds on it. We have new functions built around the feedback of our users including a clearer toolkit section, improved suggestion mechanism and we’ve streamlined some of our matching processes to make things more relevant and useful for you.


It looks like you’ve been doing some great stuff. Where can I find out more about what you’re doing and what you’ve done in the past?

Thanks for asking! Since Q2 of 2019 we’ve relaunched our quarterly newsletter, packed with recent updates, partner highlights and key events. If you’d like to know more about what we’ve been doing, take a look at our previous newsletters to find out everything you may have missed and keep an eye out for upcoming editions.


If I no longer need to be a part of VETS or change my mind, can I unsubscribe?

We understand that there may come a time when individuals may no longer wish to use the VETS site, be that because they have found the right job, or any other reason. Therefore, if you want to be removed from the site, you just need to get in contact with the team at team@veteranemployment.co.uk and we can remove your details.


If you have a question that isn't covered in the FAQs, please contact us directly at team@veteranemployment.co.uk