If you have a question that isn't covered in the FAQ's, please contact us at team@veteranemployment.co.uk

1. Who can join VETS?

Veterans: VETS is open to anyone who has served in the UK Armed Forces, or with any other nation’s Armed Forces.

Mentors: Anyone who feels they could provide support and guidance to a Veteran is welcome to join VETS as a Mentor.

2. What does VETS offer?

VETS matches you with a Mentor to help you identify your key skills and find the role best suited for you. It also offers free CV and Interview workshops, work experience and access to a diverse jobs list from our corporate partners who recognise the skills of those who have served in the Forces. VETS will also continue to support you as you make the transition into work and once you have found employment.

3. Is there a cost to join?

No, VETS is a completely free service for ex-service personnel.

4. Can I have more than one Mentor?

We recommend you only have one Mentor through the VETS platform as you will be in regular contact with them.

5. How long will it take me to find a job?

Our aim at VETS is to get you into the right job rather than getting you into the wrong job quickly. Your Mentor will be there to guide and support you on this journey and help you find your dream job.

6. How will a Mentor be selected?

Where ever possible you will be carefully matched to a Mentor who is based in your local area and works in your preferred industry. Through the VETS platform, you will be offered a choice of either an ex-Service or Civilian Mentor.

7. How often will I speak to my Mentor?

The frequency will depend on the needs and circumstances of each veteran. We recommend keeping in regular contact with your Mentor to maximise the expertise and guidance they can provide. You should agree the frequency of contact with your Mentor at the outset of the relationship.

8. What types of jobs are available?

Through VETS there are a variety of roles available provided by our corporate partners. Please see the corporate partners’ page to understand the type of roles in more detail.

9. I am still serving, can I still join VETS?

Yes you can join VETS if you are still serving, as long as you have formally given notice to terminate your service.

10. I am currently living abroad, can I still join?

Yes you may join VETS and establish a mentoring relationship via email. Please be clear with your Mentor at the start of your relationship if you are in this position.

11. Can Mentees become Mentors?

Yes, once you have found employment you may wish to consider becoming a Mentor yourself. VETS will support you in becoming a Mentor.

12. Who do I go to if I have a query?

If you have a query please contact your Mentor for assistance. If you do not have a Mentor or the query relates to the VETS website please contacts the VETS team on team@veteranemployment.co.uk