Advantages of being a VETS Corporate Partner

Taking a leading role as a VETS Corporate Partner has numerous benefits for organisations, but also the communities in which we work and live.

By becoming a VETS partner, organisations gain direct access to a well-trained, motivated and talented workforce, significantly reducing the considerable cost of hiring; the more often a partner hires quality candidates through the VETS programme the more cost effective the programme becomes. Supporting those transitioning out of the Services is also the right thing to do for so many reasons; it drives the economy, reduces the unemployment burden on the state and meets Corporate Social Responsibilities which is to support those who have served their country.

What does a Service leaver/Veteran bring to your business?

As a minimum, every Service leaver has completed basic training. They have been given a sense of purpose and direction and they have been pushed to their physical and mental limits. Whether they are a junior soldier or seaman with a 3 year career or a Lieutenant Colonel from the Army or a Wing Commander from the RAF with 20 years of military experience, they have all been tested and challenged throughout their military career in ways that the vast majority of other candidates in the market place have not.

Many of their skills are readily transferable into the civilian working environment; especially once a veteran has progressed through the VETS process.

Leadership - Whether it is taking personal accountability or responsibility for others, Service leavers are recognised for their hard earned leadership credentials.

Decision making - Even junior sailors, soldiers or airmen have to make decisions that may have life or death implications. They willingly shoulder this personal responsibility and use their extensive training and established procedures to guide them.

Problem Solving - Trained to deal with the unpredictable and unexpected, to act and to deal with complex multi-faceted issues, these individuals are creative, dynamic and effective.

Flexibility and adaptability - The military norm is to change role every 2 – 3 years. Leavers can adjust fast to new circumstances and become effective very quickly.

Integrity & Moral Courage - Renowned for these highly prized qualities, military veterans have a clear stance to taking a difficult but correct position over one that is easy but wrong. A stance that fits perfectly into a modern, multi-cultural and diverse organisation that wants to strengthen their leading role in our communities.

Given the training and skillsets that are common to many Service leavers, roles that are dynamic and challenging are generally what they are looking for. Such roles might include Risk Management, Business Continuity and Crisis Management, Security and Facilities and Operational Management. Additionally, their communication and inter-personal skills lend them to customer facing roles such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management or Account Management.

Being a VETS partner comes with a commitment. Partner companies are asked to invest in VETS by providing the following:

  • Mentors
  • Training (CV and interview workshops and work experience)
  • Job Vacancies

If you want to find out more about the benefits of joining the VETS community please contact the VETS Hub at the following email address: