The VETS Model

VETS, the Veterans Employment Transition Support Programme, is a coalition of partners that have come together to support all veterans as they seek to find the right job. This coalition consists of a broad range of leading companies from across the commercial sector, the Ministry of Defence, the Career Transition Partnership as well as Service charities. VETS aims to join up the existing transition support initiatives into a single programme that significantly improves employment outcomes for all veterans and businesses.

Who benefits?

  • All veterans, regardless of rank, Service or circumstance.
  • Business, through direct access to a pipeline of outstanding talent and reduced recruiting costs.
  • The economy, through utilising military transferable skill sets.

Whilst many individuals have successfully made the transition to civilian employment a significant number have struggled to find meaningful employment or have accepted jobs which fail to match their expertise, aspirations or true potential. The VETS programme recognises the corporate social responsibility to help this valued cohort of society. It also recognises the extensive skills developed through years of military service in terms of leadership, integrity, project management and dealing with uncertainty to name but a few, and the value of these to the commercial world. The scheme provides industry with direct access to this significant pool of talent and delivers an extremely cost effective method of recruiting by minimising hiring costs to businesses.

Working with the coalition of willing partners, and in close consultation with the Ministry of Defence, VETS has developed a 5 stage model which shares best practice, enhances existing transition support initiatives and connects it together in a single coherent programme. This programme includes the necessary work interventions such as CV and interview workshops and access to a list of roles across all of the partner businesses. All of which are underpinned by continual support and engagement from a mentor.

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The key elements of the VETS model are set out below.

Stage 1 - Access, Registration, Assessment and Mentor Allocation. This first step includes the registration of Service leavers and veterans and matching them to a suitable mentor in their preferred area of business who will assess their individual skills and aspirations.

Stage 2- Ready to Work. This step provides the necessary transition support activities such as CV and interview workshops, insight days, work placements and internships that can be tailored to the individual to best prepare them to apply for suitable jobs in stage 3.

Stage 3 - Job Application. During Step 3 candidates review the VETS jobs list with their mentor who will assist them with their applications and provide the necessary level of support to prepare them for interview. For unsuccessful candidates, the mentor will provide guidance on whether they should remain in Stage 3, or revert to Stage 2 for further intervention training.

Stage 4 - In-employment Support. On receiving an offer of employment the mentor will provide ongoing advice and support to the candidate during Step 4. The key focus will be to ensure a smooth transition into their new role.

Stage 5 - Support to the Reserves. Stage 5 of the VETS programme aims to increase the exposure of the Reserve Forces both to the coalition of businesses and to those whom they employ through engagement and sharing best practice. The programme also aims to promote the Reserve Forces to those qualifying veterans who are registered with the Scheme.

Veterans can access the model at any stage, as many times as is necessary, throughout their career.