Benefits of the VETS Programme

Veteran benefit 1

Access to military and civilian mentors

Find and connect with mentors who understand your background and can help you find the best employment for you in your chosen industry.
Veteran benefit 2

Training and pre-employment support

CV and interview skills workshops, work experience and networking events are some of the activities VETS offers to prepare you for employment.
Veteran benefit 3

Access to hundreds of jobs from top companies

See a variety of jobs across a range of different sectors from employers who see the benefit of military experience.

Some of the organisations working with VETS

VETS is supported by the MOD, CTP and a wide variety of UK corporates and charities.

Interested in becoming a VETS Corporate Partner?

If you want to find out more about the benefits of joining the VETS community please contact the VETS Hub

VETS has helped hundreds of ex-military service personnel


Raymond Cooksley

Collaborative Business Partner, ISS
Corporal (13 years in the Royal Engineers)
In my experience, soldiers have a desire to lead and succeed and need opportunities to use these qualities to get ahead in civilian life. The VETS programme has supported me do just that. It helped me secure a work placement with ISS which allowed me to ease into the civilian workplace and get to know the company. This meant that when ISS offered me a position, I was delighted and didn’t hesitate to accept. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere suits me well and I hope to have a very successful career here.

James Brown

Materials Team Leader with Arriva train care, Bristol Depot
Corporal (13 Years 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment)
Coming out of a 13 year career in the Parachute Regiment and not fully knowing where my skills would be best suited, I registered with the VETS programme. My mentor guided and prompted me throughout my journey and together we have found meaningful employment for me at Arriva train care as a Materials Team Leader where I manage and procure stock, materials, tooling and supplies for the refurbishment of train vehicles.

Andy White

Programme Coordinator, Barclays
Sergeant (13 years in the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment).
My mentor has been amazing in supporting me. I decided I wanted do something in retail banking, but I wasn't sure exactly what types of jobs were available and what they involved. She helped link me up with people who could fill in the gaps and give me the experience I needed in the retail world to find the career path right for me.

Rachel Scandling

Vice President Project Manager - Barclays
Commander (27 years in the Royal Navy)
Would I have been successful at Barclays without help from VETS? Probably not. Even though my skills made me a really good fit for the role, I don’t think my CV would have made it through the HR process; My VETS mentors actively engaged to highlight my military skills demonstrating how transferable and suitable they were for Barclays. My mentors also supported me throughout the interview process providing a reassuring handrail.

Andrew Harvey

Project Manager, KPMG

Major (30 years in the Army)
What’s especially helpful about VETS is it works with you on a personal level – you’re treated as an individual with individual experience, aspirations and support needs. The team takes time to understand what you can offer and what your aims are, and proactively seeks out opportunities that you can use to help achieve your goals.